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'Open your mind  - So we can use your data'

To be released Saturday March 10 2018 at 17.00 in KochxBos Gallery
The ultimate Dadara book: this beautifully crafted hardcover edition by Dadara and KochxBos Publishers is a record of his full body of work, containing 196 pages of mind-blowing art.
"Initially making his mark with groundbreaking designs for the international dance scene in the Nineties, it didn't take long for Dadara to be embraced by the high-brow art world as an artist to be reckoned with. Since then, his career, spanning three decades of creative excitement and adventure, has turned out to be one of the coolest underground art trips imaginable..."

HERE IT IS € 45,-

Article number:    ISBN 978-90-821944-5-6

'You could have done this'

With articles from Beverley Knowles (curator and writer), Margaret Harrison (feminist artist) and Anne Swartz (professor Art History). An overview of Sarah's best artworks: video installations, performances, oilpaintings, photographs an much more...
Hardcover band, 144 pages full colour art book.
With free sticker sheet.

HERE IT IS € 35,- 

Article number:    ISBN 978-90-821944-0-1


'Collected works'

The beautiful and stunning art by Ciou finally collected in one beautiful book.
144 pages full of vibrant and illuminating art by this Internationally celebrated French artist. With an introduction by Fanny Giniès and many kind words by befriended artists. You will be enjoying this book from first to last page - finding out about her backgrounds - the ins and outs so that in the end you will be looking back at a spectacular art trip. And next time again. 

HERE IT IS € 35,-

Article number:    ISBN 978-90-821944-0-1


'Funky Landscapes'

25 years of Pinhole Photography 

She photographs with a pinhole camera, a box without a lens or diaphragm, just a small round hole the size of the tip of a pin. Combined with her models, the effect is amazing. These miniature worlds seem almost lifelike, and there’s always a twist, which is what makes De Forest’s work so fascinating.

Bethany's photos are too surreal and fantastic to be real.

HERE IT IS € 35,- 


'Anyone in Particlar'

The book gives an overview of the most recent works of Sauerkids. 144 pages thick, full vibrant colours, hard cover. With a preface by Peter Thaler & Lars Denicke (Pictoplasma) and the feature article by Dirk van Ginkel.
There is also a limited edition of 45 books. The limited edition comes with a gyclee print specialy made for 'Anyone in Particular'.

HERE IT IS € 35,-




We are sorry, this fantastic book is sold out.

A retrospective of the work by Heikens from the past decennium. 

Sculptor Harma Heikens uses a visual language known from the popular culture with seduction techniques that are used in the world of advertising. Her life size sculptures evoke associations with comics, animation and Manga. But in this playful and colorful idiom Heikens calls visions of a world plagued by economic and sexual exploitation. Touching cartoonish shaped children are in hopeless situations. This contrast delivers images that sometimes are difficult to digest; One can experience them as cynical, but they meanwhile seem to offer consolidation, like saints, in their reference to martyrdom. 

Doing something nice for the city of Amsterdam. With that thought we started about ten years ago. We wanted a vibrant cultural place. To share ideas and to bring people together. Discuss, inspire, learn from each other, the life! In 2005 we opened the doors of the KochxBos Gallery in the Jordaan, a place for contemporary underground art. The artists we exhibit are from everywhere. The Netherlands of course, but also France, Japan, Canada...
We love working together with 'our' artists. As they inspire us, we inspire them as well. And with success. What began ten years ago as 'underground', is still called the same, but has been in the spotlight more and more, certainly internationally.

Why a publishing house?

It's time to bundle the work of 'our' artists. We bring them into the world, so anyone can experience their oeuvres. Furthermore, we as graphic designers simply love beautiful, well-kept books. The feel of paper, the smell of the ink... Printing a good book is also an art.
All books are published in two versions, one regular and one special edition. Numbered and signed by the artist. With a limited edition work of art, made especially for this publication.

An Amsterdam printing and bindery

Making choices. Are you going to have the books produced 'cheap' across the border or are you going to get started with 'heart and soul'? With a printing company where you have direct contact with all those involved in the book? Where you can stand together next to the press to blend the most brilliant colors to get the best results? Yes! (4x). And as we go for quality, we choose a cover, thicker than normal, the finest smooth matte paper, the color of the reading ribbons, the finishing, all in close contact with professionals. The ultra-ultra-fine lines and intense colors of the works of Ciou also ask for the finest grid, the highest print quality and control. An additional reason for choosing a Dutch printer is that we could be on top of things. From the early preparations to final printing. To create something really special together.